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Research at the Tyree Energy Technologies Building

Research at the Tyree
The UNSW Tyree Energy Technologies Building (TETB) accommodates and showcases state-of-the-art and leading edge research in clean energy including photovoltaics, carbon capture and storage.

Down to the Wire

Down to the wire
The tiniest silicon conducting wire ever made takes us a step closer to the creation of a practical quantum computer. Developed by UNSW PhD student Bent Weber, the wire is 10,000 times thinner than a human hair.


Profile - Prof Travis Waller

How maths can save our roads

Professor Travis Waller

Tired of Sydney's traffic congestion? Studying maths might be the answer, as Professor Travis Waller, Director of the UNSW Research Centre for Integrated Transport Innovation, explains in this teaser for Maths is Awesome week on ScienceAlert.