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Biomedical engineer Melissa Knothe Tate is harnessing the ancient art of the loom to push the boundaries of regenerative medicine.
24 June 2015

Tucked away in a small room in UNSW’s Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering sits a 19th century–era weaver’s wooden loom. Operated by punch cards and hooks, the machine was the first rudimentary computer when it was unveiled in 1801.

Vicki Tatarinoff has been at GSBmE for over 30 years.
23 June 2015

Our very own Vicki Tatarinoff has been awarded a scholarship from (ANLAA) the Australian and New Zealand Laboratory Animal Association to travel and attend the annual conference of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science in Phoenix... read more

Martin learnt so much from his Student Exchange in Connecticut last year
16 June 2015

Martin Impelido has big plans for when he graduates as a biomedical engineer.  "My plan is to restore 100% mobility to lower limb amputees of all ages. I want people to feel like their prosthesis is their own flesh and blood" he says.

5 August 2015
9.00am to 4.00pm
19 August 2015
4.00pm to 7.00pm

In Profile - Alex Patton

Alex Patton - Biomedical Engineering - Postgraduate Student

PhD Student – Biomedical Engineering
Alex’s story is a little different from most, he worked in industry for almost two years before starting his post graduate research studies in Biomedical engineering. Alex says he’s drawn to this area because it’s a big challenge, incredibly interesting and no-one’s ever done it. He feels like a pioneer.