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Electrical Engineering prepares you for "the jobs of the future" with new skills and new solutions for an ever changing world that is driven by technological change.
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Our researchers bespeak many prestigious awards for the publication of ground-breaking research and numerous distinguished presentation roles at large international conferences.
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"My Electrical Engineering degree gave me the necessary tools and mindset to become an analytical and creative thinker. I think students with Electrical Engineering background make the best neuroscientists"

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Robotic Couch
17 September 2014

It’s an innovation that adds a whole new dimension to the term “couch surfing”. 

A team of UNSW engineering students has created a robotic couch that can move in any direction and be controlled using an Xbox gamepad.

2014 ABB Research Grant
10 September 2014

Dr Branislav Hredzak and Prof Vassilios Agelidis have been successful in securing the ABB Research Grant (US$70K), for their research project entitled “Advanced control methods and converter topologies for modular hybrid energy storage systems... read more

2014 Student Paper Award_Mitra Mirhosseini
31 August 2014

EE&T-AERI PhD student, Mitra Mirhosseini has won the Student Paper Award run by the IEEE Australia Council for the Women in Engineering category.

17 September 2014
1.00pm to 1.45pm
30 October 2014

Bird navigation: The Quantum Around You

Bird navigation: The Quantum Around You

A/Prof Andrea Morello presents you the first episode in this series of "Bird Navigation and Its Connection to Quantum Mechanics".

Quantum Electronics and Quantum Computing

Landmark in quantum computing

Quantum electronic devices and quantum computing

The computer industry already sells microchips containing transistors as small as 22 nm – that’s about 50 atoms across. At that scale, the laws of Quantum Mechanics start to apply, and require a profound re-thinking of how to engineer new devices.

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EET Alumnus Rami Banna

Wearable Technology: Rami Banna at TEDxLondonBusinessSchool 2014

EE&T alumnus Rami Banna recently spoken at a TEDx event in London on Wearable Technology. His talk received a huge amounts of global attention. Rami worked at Cochlear for many years and is now halfway through his MBA at London Business School. 

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