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In profile - Sharon Young

Sharon Young - PV Engineering

Degree program: Photovoltaic Engineering

I’ve been interested in renewable energy and solar power for a long, long time.  I designed my first energy efficient house in Grade 3!  I was also involved in solar car racing at the time.  It seemed like a natural progression... I have really enjoyed being able to do the strand subjects as well as the core subjects of my degree.  That’s been quite fun and has helped me build a well-rounded education.  4th year has been challenging, interesting, and fun.  I’ve loved the courses I’ve been able to take and the stretch of my honours thesis...


Researcher - A/Prof CheeMun Chong

A/Prof CheeMun Chong - UNSW SPREE - Researcher

What is new and innovative about your research projects?

A number of major global companies that are fierce competitors in the business world have come together to collaborate with us in one of our key research projects. 

This is the first time that these companies are collaborating together.  This includes a group of the largest solar cell manufacturers in the world.  It also includes a group of the major global equipment manufacturers as well as a group of major silicon material suppliers...