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Amir Neshed speaks at UNSW SPREE
12 February 2015

Amir Neshed (UNSW SPREE)

Location and time: Thursday 26th February, 12:00 in TETB LG03.

Welcome Activities for New SPREE Students
9 February 2015

To help new students learn more about UNSW and SPREE, we will be holding a range of Student Welcome activities:


Faculty/SPREE Undergraduate Welcome
Date: Monday 23 February (O-Week), 10.30-11.30am
Location: TETB LG05

Matthew Wright speaks at UNSW SPREE
5 February 2015

Matthew Wright (UNSW)

Location and time: Thursday 5th February, 12:00 in TETB LG03.

TITLE: Organic photovoltaics: A technology overview

UNSW's 40% efficient spectrum splitting concentrator system with Dr Mark Keevers
8 December 2014

UNSW's solar researchers have converted over 40% of the sunlight hitting a solar system into electricity, the highest efficiency ever reported.

20 November 2014

Zhu Liu (Yunnan University)

Location and time: Fri 21st Nov at 11:00 (Room – TBD).

TITLE: A Novel Cu Metallization for Si Solar Cells

Jiansheng Jie speaks at UNSW SPREE
13 November 2014

Jiansheng Jie (Soochow University)

Location and time: Thurs 20th November, 12:00 in TETB LG07

TITLE: Two-Dimensional Layered Materials

Kobad Bhavnagri (Bloomberg) speaks at UNSW SPREE
2 November 2014

Kobad Bhavnagri (Bloomberg)

Location and time: Thurs 6th November, 12:00 in TETB LG03

TITLE: The shift towards a global renewable energy future

Conference to boost Australia’s future energy prospects
31 October 2014

Major players in the energy sector will converge on UNSW on 3-5 November to share their vision for increasing Australia’s contribution to meeting the world’s future energy needs.

Keith McIntosh (PV Lighthouse) speaks at UNSW SPREE
22 October 2014

Keith McIntosh (PV Lighthouse)

Location and time: Thursday 30th Oct, 12:00 in TETB LG03

TITLE: Education in solar cell manufacturing via simulation -- past, present and future

Yimao Wan speaks at UNSW SPREE
17 October 2014

Yimao Wan (ANU)

Location and time: Thursday 23rd Oct, 12:00 in TETB LG03

TITLE: Highly Transmitting and Highly Passivating Silicon Nitride for Solar Cells