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Matt Stocks speaks at UNSW SPREE
2 May 2015

Location and time: Thursday 7th May, 12:00 in TETB LG07.

TITLE: SLIVER solar cells – A technology commercialisation story

23 April 2015

Location and time: Thursday 30th April, 12:00 in TETB LG07.

TITLE: Chemical Lithography and its applications for Commercial High Efficiency Silicon Solar Cells

Gianluca Coletti speaks at UNSW SPREE
22 April 2015

Location and time: Wednesday 22nd April, 12:00 in TETB LG03

TITLE: Silicon material requirements for high efficiency solar cells

16 April 2015

Location and time: Thursday 23rd April, 12:00 in TETB LG07.

TITLE: EMIL – a novel characterization platform for energy materials research at the BESSY II synchrotron light source

Monique Alfris speaks at UNSW SPREE
15 March 2015

Monique Alfris (Pollinate Energy)

Location and time: Wednesday 1st April, 12:00 in TETB LG03.

TITLE: Pollinate Energy (or Turning Your Thesis Into a Social Business!!)

 Francisca Rubio-Berenguel (L) and Shelly Bambrook (R) speak at UNSW SPREE
14 March 2015

Francisca Rubio-Berenguel (L) and Shelley Bambrook (R) (Soitec Solar)

Location and time: Thursday 26th March, 12:00 in TETB LG07.

Rod Mitchell speaks at UNSW SPREE
13 March 2015

Rod Mitchell (Citizen’s Climate Lobby)

Location and time: Friday 20th March, 10:00 in TETB LG07.

TITLE: Citizen’s Climate Lobby - using democracy to address climate change. 

Pietro Altermatt speaks at UNSW SPREE
5 March 2015

Pietro Altermatt (Leibniz University Hannover)

Location and time: Thursday 19th March, 12:00 in TETB LG07.

TITLE: Understanding the fill factor by means of characterisation and simulation

Yang Li speaks at UNSW SPREE
4 March 2015

Yang Li (UNSW)

Location and time: Thursday 12th March, 12:00 in TETB LG07.

TITLE: Angular Matrix Framework for Optical Analysis of Solar Cell.

Martin Green speaks at UNSW SPREE
26 February 2015

Martin Green (UNSW)

Location and time: Friday 6th March, 11:00 in TETB LG03.

TITLE: 40 Years of Photovoltaic Research at UNSW