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7 November 2013

UNSW has produced more millionaire graduates than any other Australian university, a new global analysis has found.

6 November 2013

Above: Dr Wang (L) and Dr Zhao (R)

Alumni Dr Aihua Wang - Vice President and General Manager, Research & Development, China Sunergy has received the Australia China Alumni / IELTS Award  for Research and Innovation.

1 November 2013

Some people find their vocation early in life and Sir William Tyree, engineer, visionary and philanthropist, was one of them.

31 October 2013

OPINION: It was a night to celebrate Australian science and the visionary thinkers shaping our future. Leaders of business and government, led by Prime Minister Tony Abbott, were all gathered at Parliament House to recognise the winners of the PM’s Prizes for Science.

31 October 2013

OPINION: I come from a working class, small town family, from a little village in the north of Italy and I didn’t really have the chance to be a nerdy kid. The best I had available were some little LEGO toys.

30 October 2013

UNSW researchers Angela Moles and Andrea Morello have won two of the Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science – the nation’s most prestigious awards for excellence in science and science teaching.

29 October 2013

Chemical engineers and clinicians from UNSW and Monash University have synthesised a new iron oxide nanoparticle that delivers cancer drugs to cells while simultaneously monitoring the drug release in real time.

25 October 2013

Solar engineers from UNSW are partnering with a consortium of top US universities on next-generation silicon solar cells with targeted efficiencies of 29%.

24 October 2013

We're pleased to announce the winners and runners-up for the four engineering categories of this year's 2013 Science and Engineering Photography Competition.

This year, three categories were open to UNSW staff, students and alumni. The prize for best photo is $1000 visa gift card.

17 October 2013

Two UNSW engineering professors have been elected fellows of the prestigious Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE).