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23 August 2014

Claire O'Rourke (Solar Citizens)

Location & time: Thurs 4th September, 12:00 in TETB LG03

TITLE: Generation solar

Generation solar - Australia's newest political force

Muriel Watt speaks at UNSW SPREE
19 August 2014

Muriel Watt (UNSW SPREE, IT Power, IEA PV, Australian PV Institute)

Location & time: Thursday 28th August, 12:00 in TETB LG03

TITLE: Update on the Australian PV Market

Andreas Fell speaks at UNSW SPREE
19 August 2014

Andreas Fell (ANU)

Location & time: Thursday 21st August, 12:00 in TETB LG03

TITLE: Localized laser doped contacts

Localized laser doped contacts for silicon solar cells: Characterization and efficiency potential

19 August 2014

Brian Korgel (University of Texas at Austin)

Location & time: Tuesday 19th August, 12:00 in TETB LG03

TITLE: Powered Paint - Nanotech Solar Ink

Doris Lu speaks at UNSW SPREE
30 July 2014


Location and time: Friday 15th August, 12:00 in TETB LG03

TITLE: Application of Anodic Aluminium Oxides

Application of Anodic Aluminium Oxides for Silicon Solar Cell Passivation and Metallisation

Danny Kennedy speaks at UNSW SPREE
24 July 2014

Danny Kennedy (Sungevity)

Location and time: Wednesday 30th July, 12:00 in TETB LG03

TITLE: The Rooftop Revolution

An Update on the Rooftop Revolution

Richard Corkish(L), Hugo Llorens(M) and Congressman Rochrabacher(R)
4 July 2014

US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher and US Consul General Hugo Llorens visit the UNSW SPREE Labs.

Professor Martin Green at UNSW
21 June 2014

United States President Barack Obama has outlined plans to enhance collaboration between Australian and US photovoltaics researchers following bilateral meetings with Prime Minister Tony Abbott last week.

Fiacre Rougieux speaks at UNSW SPREE
20 June 2014

Dr Fiacre Rougieux (ANU)

Location and time: Thursday 24th July, 13:00 in TETB LG03

TITLE: Materials related challenges en route to very high efficiency n-type silicon solar cells


Prof Martin Green - UNSW
20 June 2014

Professor Martin Green - UNSW

Location and time: Thursday 10th July, 13:00 in TETB LG03

TITLE: The Emergence of Perovskite Solar Cells