Undergraduate Degrees

Undergraduate Degrees

At the UNSW School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering, we offer two four-year plans for undergraduate study:

  • Bachelor of Engineering in Photovoltaic and Solar Energy Engineering  (3642)
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Renewable Energy Engineering (3657)

Combined Degree Programs

If you are interested in a combined degree, we have a number of options available:

  • Bachelor of Engineering / Bachelor of Science (3655)                     (5 years)
  • Bachelor of Engineering / Bachelor of Arts (3704)                           (5 years)
  • Bachelor of Engineering / Bachelor of Commerce (3715)                (5.5 years)
  • Bachelor of Engineering / Bachelor of Laws (4776)                         (6 years)


Flexible First Year

The Flexible First Year program is ideal for students who know they want to be an engineer but are unsure which direction to take.  Study now, decide later!

The first year of engineering study has a common core of subjects plus a wide choice of electives, which allows you to study a number of areas that appeal to you without making a formal commitment until the end of your first year.

For students currently enrolled in the Flexible 1st Year program, the Engineering Student Centre is your School Office and should be the first port of call regarding any administrative, academic or enrolment related matters. This includes information on course selection in your 1st year and program selection for your 2nd year.

In profile - Guljit Mahinder

Guljit Mahinder - RE Engineering

Degree program: Renewable Energy Engineering

I had first heard about UNSW from my brother. He was attending the uni during the time I was considering my university options. I then looked up the programs UNSW offered through the UNSW website...

You have a lot more independence but also have to take the initiative to do your work. The social aspect of uni is also very fun and you make lots of friends...


In Profile - Sanika Waghulde

Sanika Waghulde - PV Engineering

Degree program: Photovoltaics and Renewable Energy Engineering

After participating in the Great Engineering Challenge during high school, I was interested and researched online about the programs offered... I belong to Engineers Without Borders, Renewable Energy Society and Women in Renewable Energy... After I graduate, I plan to work in the renewable energy industry or in the sustainability in an organisation.