Brand new laboratory complex opening in 2014

At the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering we have always had some great facilities for students, including a full range of laboratories and workshops. But things are about to get even better.

We are in the process of creating a whole new set of facilities, all designed by specialist laboratory architects in very close collaboration with the School. These new laboratories will provide excellent, flexible facilities in all our major research areas. There will also be a dedicated undergraduate teaching laboratory, with brand new equipment for our students to get their hands dirty!

The countdown is on to the grand opening in late 2014.

To locate the temporary homes of some of our popular facilities, please check out our laboratory contacts.

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ARAMI 3D in the UNSW Mechanics of Solids Laboratory
The Mechanics of Solids Laboratory has a range of capabilities to support its teaching, research and consultation activities...find out more
Workshop - School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering UNSW
Recently upgraded, the School’s dedicated workshop is a powerful state-of-the-art manufacturing resource servicing students and researchers and boasting a modern CNC Machining capacity...find out more
Cybernetics mechanical design as a blueprint - art
Set up for flow characterisation and temperature measurement on the micro- to nano-scale, the Microfluidics Laboratory is equipped with a range of cutting-edge facilities...find out more
x-ray imge
The Refrigeration and Air Conditioning laboratory offers calorimeter rooms for determining energy efficiency of various products such as air conditioners or commercial refrigeration systems...find out more
acoustic foam close up
The laboratory is well-equipped with state-of-the-art noise and vibration instrumentation and wear testing facilities. ..find out more
Engine Research Lab at UNSW
The Engine Research Laboratory is designed to resolve technical issues in car engines using the latest technologies to research fuels and combustion and conduct engine performance testing...find out more