Workplace Health and Safety

Nothing is more important to us than the safety and wellbeing of people who work, study or visit our school.  We are committed to having a genuine culture of safety in all our activities.

Before you start work in one of our laboratories, or undertake any activity which might be considered hazardous in any way, you must first read and understand the practices and procedures described in this section. It contains information on safe working practise, security and emergency procedures for staff and students in the School.

As our School's laboratories are considered 'hazardous areas', access will only be granted as outlined in Access to Laboratories.

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Forms and useful links
This section enables quick access to our most frequently used health and safety documents and websites...find out more
Safety gear
Access to the School's laboratories will only be granted as outlined in this section...find out more
stop think act
All staff, students and visitors must undertake mandatory safety training in order to satisfy health and safety requirements...find out more
safety sign
Find out who your workplace rep is, and read the Minutes from past School Health & Safety Committee meetings...find out more