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QANTAS UNSW Innovation Challenge
18 August 2015


We are now accepting entries from staff and students for how we can improve air travel. Submit as many ideas as you like and you could win some great prizes courtesy of QANTAS!!

Professor Fidelis Suorineni, James Tibbett and Professor Bruce Hebblewhite
11 August 2015

UNSW Mining Engineering academics were recently recognised for their work at the 13th International Society for Rock Mechanics Congress in Montreal, Canada.

Associate Professor Paul Hagan, Award winner Vicky Binns and Dean of Engineering, Professor Mark Hoffman
10 August 2015

UNSW Mining Engineer Alumni, Vicky Binns was recognised for her outstanding leadership and contribution to the mining industry at an awards ceremony on Thursday night. The annual event was held at The Mint, Sydney, to recognise the achievements... read more

31 August 2015
8.30am to 3.45pm
5 September 2015
9.00am to 4.00pm
5 September 2015
9.00am to 4.00pm

Sarah Ivers - Student Profile

Sarah Ivers - UNSW Student Profile

Sarah Ivers is a 2nd year student at the School of Mining Engineering. Get to know her reasons for choosing to study mining and how she is enjoying the course so far.

Assoc.Prof. Serkan Saydam - Staff Profile

Assoc.Prof. Serkan Saydam - UNSW Staff Profile

Associate Professor Serkan Saydam talks about his research interest and the subjects that he teaches at UNSW

Student Experience MINING Field Trips


Mining field trips are an integral part of the mining engineering course at UNSW. Staff and students explain why they are so important and also why they are so much fun.


DHP_2272_AH landscape308x164

Allyssa Hendriks
4th year, Mining Engineering 

“After attending the UNSW Open Day, I decided UNSW was where I wanted to study. I had the opportunity to go into the AVIE theatre (virtual reality simulator) which I loved and spoke to multiple students about their expectations. I loved the campus and after seeing what the School of Mining Engineering had to offer, there was no their option in my mind”


DHP_2293_Real Jason_308x205

Jason Jung
3rd year, Civil/Mining Engineering 

“I knew I wanted to study engineering. After attending information days and evaluating the different degrees in terms of interest, career prospects and nature of work, it became very difficult to decide between Civil and Mining. However, since UNSW offers a dual degree for both disciplines, I knew I had to enrol in that one. Being a smaller cohort compared to the other larger disciplines definitely has its advantages as all of us have bonded quickly and help each other out.”


DHP_2265_Beth _308X205

Bethany Mckenzie
4th year, Mining Engineering 

"Growing up in the country, I was exposed to mining throughout my life and I found that I was quite interested in how it all worked. I was also drawn to the degree because of the broad range of work you undertake as a Mining Engineer. I thought it would definitely be a career that I would continue to be challenged in and UNSW was a great place to come and learn about the industry from industry experts."