UNSW Engineering Scholarship Opportunities

UNSW and the Faculty of Engineering offer a variety of scholarships to both undergraduate and postgraduate students (existing and new). The majority of scholarships are awarded in recognition of academic achievement, whilst others are available to assist students based on personal circumstances, including financial need.

A scholarship allows students to focus on their studies and participate in university life by removing some of the financial pressures that can come with university study. 

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Ug Scholarships
Giving passionate future engineering students a financial boost to help them with their engineering studies at UNSW. ..find out more
We offer a number of financially attractive coursework and research scholarships to postgraduate engineering students. ..find out more
Applying for a Scholarship is the easy part! The UNSW Scholarships website has details about all scholarships available and everything you need to do to apply. ..find out more
Dean's Awards / Honors List
Work hard, be rewarded. At the UNSW Faculty of Engineering we reward our hard-working students with a range of awards and prizes. ..find out more
Rural Scholarships
Helping students from rural and isolated areas achieve their engineering study goals through a number of general and specific engineering scholarships. ..find out more
Women in Engineering
Supporting and encouraging high-achieving women engineers who are passionate about their field through postgraduate research scholarships. ..find out more