Women in Engineering Awards

Women in Engineering Awards

The UNSW Women in Engineering Awards, presented by the Faculty of Engineering, support UNSW's wider Women in Engineering campaign to attract more female high school leavers to consider engineering as their preferred career. There are two major awards, each worth $5,000. The awards recognise the achievements of female UNSW Engineering graduates. The ceremony takes place in August, to coincide with National Engineering Week. Nominations open in May.

The awards:

Judy Raper

The Judy Raper Award for Leadership

The Judy Raper Award for Leadership in Engineering is offered annually and is open to all female alumnae from the UNSW Faculty of Engineering, in recognition of their sustained and significant contribution through demonstrated leadership within the discipline/profession in Australia. Effective leadership is characterised by passion and commitment, setting bold objectives and achieving results, and most importantly, motivating and mobilising the talent of others for the benefit of the discipline/profession and the community at large. [Selection Criteria]


Maria Skyllas-Kazacos


The Maria Skyllas-Kazacos Young Professional Award for Outstanding Achievement

The Maria Skyllas-Kazacos Young Professional Award for Outstanding Achievement is offered annually and is open to all alumnae from the UNSW Faculty of Engineering working in any branch of industry or academia, in recognition of a significant achievement in their field. To be eligible a candidate must be 35 years of age or younger at the time of nomination. [Selection Criteria]



Nominations are now closed.


2013 Winners

Mehreen Faruqi, MP

The Judy Raper Award for Leadership:

Dr Mehreen Faruqi

Greens Upper House MP, NSW Parliament

Dr Mehreen Faruqi is a NSW Greens MP and engineer whose focus is on environmental issues such as climate change, sustainability in manufacturing and waste management.

Her current portfolios include the Environment, Marine Environment and Fisheries, Transport, Healthy Lifestyles, Roads and Ports, Status of Women, Sexuality and Gender Identity, Multiculturalism, Animal Welfare, Healthy Lifestyles, and Young People.

Education: PhD in Environmental Engineering, Wastewater Treatment and Energy Recovery UNSW; Master of Engineering Science UNSW; Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) (Hons) University of Engineering and Technology Lahore, Pakistan


Dr Megan Lord

 The Maria Skyllas-Kazacos Young Professional Award for Outstanding Achievement

Dr Megan Lord

Senior Lecturer, Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering UNSW

Dr Megan Lord was a strategic hire for an early career academic position at UNSW. She was a finalist in the Scopus Young Scientist of the Year Award in the Engineering and Technology category and received a Trans-continental grant for young scientists from the Federation of European Biochemical Societies.

She has been awarded a large variety of awards and grants, has authored 48 peer-reviewed publications and attracted $2M in research funding since 2007.

Education: Doctor of Philosophy, UNSW; Master of Biomedical Engineering, UNSW; Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical Engineering) Awarded Honours 1, UNSW

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