Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications facilities

There is a collection of facilities and labs at the School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications that support faculty research and enhance the learning experience of our undergraduate and postgraduate students. These include:

  • High voltage
  • Power electronics and drives
  • Renewable energy systems
  • Signal processing
  • Mobile communication
  • Communication networks
  • Semiconductor nanofabrication facility (SNF)
  • CAD facilities
  • Silica optical fibre fabrication facility
  • Polymer optical fibre fabrication facility
  • Optical waveguide fabrication facility
  • Photonics facility
  • FBG fabrication facility
  • Industrial and process control
  • Systems neuroscience and biomedical engineering
  • Vision and control laboratory

For further Information, visit the School’s website. You can also call Professor Chee Yee Kwok, Postgraduate Research Coordinator, on  +61 2 9385 5300 or send an email.

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