Tyree Energy Technologies Building (TETB) facilities

The Tyree Energy Technologies Building provides a gateway to the University of New South Wales and is an educational hub for undergraduate and postgraduate engineering students. 

It is home to the Australian Energy Research Institute (AERI), the School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy and the School of Petroleum Engineering, providing a space where research, education and industry can collaborate in the development and implementation of sustainable energy technologies. A roof-top area is set up for the testing of photovoltaic arrays, a key component of the research of the facility. 

Tyree Energy Technologies Building

The building was named after Sir William Tyree, a UNSW alumnus, successful innovator, businessman and major philanthropic supporter of Australian engineering and educational research. Sir William generously donated $1 million towards the new center and pledged a further bequest of $10 million.

Inside TETB - the central atrium space.Key design features

  • The $123.5 million dollar building sits across five levels, totalling 15,000 square meters of space
  • The facility incorporates administrative spaces, teaching and learning spaces, collaborative engineering workshop laboratories, engineering display spaces, a cafe, and research areas including laboratories
  • TETB’s rooftop incorporates photovoltaic cells for the testing of research and development work as well as contributing to the energy input requirements of the facility
  • A central atrium space uses access stairs and pedestrian bridges to connect the floor levels, creating a sense of increased visual and physical interconnection that enhances the collaborative nature of the design
  • 6 Star Green Star Design rating, awarded by the Green Building Council of Australia


2012 Outstanding Construction Award – Master Builders Association (NSW)

2012 National Public Buildings Award – over $50 million – Master Builders Association Awards

2012 Tertiary Buildings–$50 million and over – Master Builders Association Awards

2013 Public Buildings Category – Randwick City Urban Design Awards

2013 Sustainability Category – Randwick City Urban Design Awards

2013 Finalist – UN World Environment Day Award

2013 3rd Place – Green Dot Awards LA, USA

2015 Teaching/Mixed Use Laboratory Award – UK S-Lab Awards for Excellence in Laboratory Design, Management & Operation

6 Star Green Star Design rating, awarded by the Green Building Council of Australia