Women In Engineering

Traditionally, women have been under-represented in engineering. However, more and more companies and universities are recognising the importance of a balanced approach to challenges and the value of diversity. UNSW Engineering has above-average female enrolments at 21% (the national average is closer to 16%), but we are actively recruiting women and have set a goal of boosting female enrolments to 30% by 2020.

At the UNSW Faculty of Engineering the Women in Engineering Program aims to:

  1. Inspire girls to pursue engineering degrees and careers
  2. Support women studying engineering at UNSW
  3. Celebrate the successes of female engineering graduates
Programs for school students

Visit this section to learn about the outreach programs in place to encourage young women to study engineering.

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Programs for current students

The Women in Engineering Initiative includes efforts to support women currently enrolled in engineering degrees at UNSW.

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Industry and Alumni

Get involved in Women In Engineering, support a scholarship, become a mentor or nominate an inspirational female engineer for the annual WIE awards.

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Inspiring Women and Projects

Engineering is such a diverse discipline, and engineers end up in a wide variety of places and jobs. Here are some examples of inspiring projects and people in engineering.

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