School activities and visits

School activities

An important part of the Women in Engineering Initiative is raising the awareness of engineering as a potential career option among girls. A large factor in the historical under-representation of women in the field is the perception that engineering is a “man’s job,” involving hard hats, physical labour and heavy machinery.

In fact, engineering is an extraordinarily diverse field that requires people skills, creativity, problem-solving and management skills. Engineers often find themselves in design, management and consultancy roles, to which many women find themselves well-suited. There are engineers making a difference in medical science, environmental stewardship, world health and energy innovation.

School groups are invited to attend day-long engineering workshops on campus, several of which throughout the year are tailored specifically to girls. To see what is coming up, visit our events page.

In addition, schools can request a visit at their school. We are more than happy to talk to students about the diverse and interesting career options presented by an engineering degree.

We always try to include current engineering students in any activity with school-aged girls, so that they can talk about their own experiences and provide a positive role model.

To request a school visit, please make a request through the USTEM portal.

To get more information about on-campus workshops, please contact the Women in Engineering Manager, Sarah Coull