Who are we?

The BLUEsat Group is a collection of undergraduate students at UNSW Australia dedicated to creating easy-to-access space technology.


The mission of the group is to take on practical space engineering projects and in doing so, give undergraduate engineering students hands-on experience on space technology. The group is currently undertaking three projects:

Why should you join?

BLUEsat UNSW offers an amazing opportunity to have a hands-on experience with real, multi-disciplinary projects. Students gain real world experience, with senior members providing opportunities to learn new skills and get ahead of your course work. In fact, many BLUEsat members are also course tutors in a number of different engineering schools.

If that isn’t convincing enough, BLUEsat members get opportunities to travel around the world with the team. BLUEsat’s Off World Robotics team recently sent five people to Poland to compete in the European Rover Challenge, while the satellite team sent two representatives to Canada for the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge

BLUEsat welcomes all UNSW undergraduate students, regardless of faculty or year level. There are active members in their first through to sixth year of university, from a diverse range of educational backgrounds. If you are interested in working on satellites, robotics, or ground station projects and are a UNSW student then this is the group for you. If that’s not your area of expertise, BLUEsat also has a growing operations team working on sponsorship and media outreach.

Tom Dixon, BLUEsat President

To join BLUEsat send them an email or drop by room 419 of the Electrical Engineering Building.

"I got involved in BLUEsat because I wanted hands-on experience with the sort of space engineering projects that I'd seen in movies and read in books. While substantially smaller in scale, the work we do here at BLUEsat contains the same technical challenge - space is a harsh environment no matter how expensive your satellite is. As someone who wants to work in the space industry, any experience (scarcely available in Australia's current climate) is of immense value to my future career path." – Tom Dixon, BLUEsat President


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