As one of the longest running student projects at UNSW, BLUEsat is a group of students harnessing new technologies to build Australia’s space future. 

Launching microsatellites from the International Space Centre and international travel to compete in Mars-inspired off-world robotic missions is just the start for this ambitious, starry-eyed crew.

About BLUEsat

Who we are

BLUEsat was founded in 1997 and is UNSW’s society for student space projects. BLUEsat has four major projects:

  • Microsatellite (CubeSat) system and mission development;
  • Off-world robotics;
  • Stratospheric balloon launches; and
  • Maintaining a microsatellite groundstation.

Our mission is to give students real-world experience in multi-disciplinary space engineering projects and promote space technology in Australia.

Major goals and achievements

  • Our CubeSat Engineering teams are currently developing student-designed CubeSat microsatellite parts, a number of which are progressing through the manufacture stage and already gaining international attention.
  • We currently operate a satellite ground station in partnership with ACSER that is used to communicate with UNSW’s EC0 satellite, part of the QB50 global networks of satellites.
  • Our “GreenSat” Satellite Missions Team is developing a novel approach to growing food in space and had the opportunity to speak at the International Astronautical Conference last year.
  • The Off-World Robotics division of BLUEsat designs and builds Mars rover platforms. We have competed in the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge, Arkaroola Mars Robot Challenge Expedition and the European Rover Challenge.
  • Our High Altitude Balloon Team is involved in developing a radar system for NATO with the University of Pisa!
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Information for Students

Who we are looking for

We are looking for self-motivated students with a passion for space. Our projects offer our members a wealth of electrical, software, mechatronics and mechanical engineering opportunities. Full training will be provided by some of our more experienced members until you gain confidence.

Bluesat team members


Why should you join?

BLUEsat offer incredible opportunities to undergraduates. By joining our team, you will:

  • Cultivate independence and confidence in your skills and abilities way beyond the boundaries of your degree.
  • Learn how to work in a multidisciplinary team working towards a shared goal.
  • Your work at BLUEsat counts towards the compulsory industrial training component of your degree.
  • Have awesome things to talk about in your first job interview.
  • Get the opportunity to compete in international student engineering competitions.
My Story - Helena Kertesz

BLUEsat President, and Mechatronics Engineering and Computer Science student, Helena Kertesz, signed up to BLUEsat to enhance her opportunities while she was studying:

“I wanted to do something beyond the scope of my university courses where I could learn skills applicable to whatever job I might end up doing, as well as making new friends. I have always been interested in space so when I saw the BLUEsat stall at O’Week I decided to give it a go, despite, at that point, knowing nearly nothing about engineering!

BLUEsat is a lot of fun and if you to grab it with both hands and give it your best, you’ll end up in places you didn’t expect. For me, personally, it was surreal - on the first anniversary of my HSC, I was on a plane to Poland becoming part of the first ever Australian team to participate in the European Rover Challenge. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

BLUEsat goes well beyond what you’re given in class because there are no answers - half the time you have to define the question yourself. It’s incredibly self-driven, which is terrifying, amazing and in my case incredibly rewarding.”

“It was surreal. On the first anniversary of doing my HSC, I was on a plane to Poland becoming part of the first ever Australian team to participate in the European Rover Challenge. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

Helena Bluesat
Information for Sponsors

Can you help?

We are actively seeking sponsors to help us achieve our goals of training Australia’s top engineers, shaping the future of sustainable transport and inspiring the next generation of engineers still in school. Any support, whether it be in-kind material or machining, financial support or advice on our designs, is invaluable.

If you are interested in sponsoring any of our Student Projects, please contact our Student Projects Officer Stephanie Bagnell


What’s in it for you?

Each project creates different opportunities to make great things happen, such as:

  • Access to and engagement with USNW Engineering’s top students
  • Ability to trial students via UNSW Engineering’s Industrial Training Program
  • Networking opportunities with other industry partners, UNSW academic and research staff and UNSW’s top students
  • Advertise graduate positions directly to UNSW Engineering students
  • Media and branding opportunities
  • News items and photos for your internal communications promotion

Get in touch to find out more about each project's sponsorship opportunities.

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