Competitive Robotics Group

Do you love robots?

Enjoy building mechanical and electrical objects or code?

If this sounds like you, maybe you should join the Competitive Robotics Group. We’re one of the best performing student group in Australia, holding performance records internationally!

About the Competitive Robotics Group

Who we are

The Competitive Robotics Group are a cross-disciplinary student team who develop autonomous ground and aerial vehicles for research and global competition purposes. Founded in 2013, we’ve quickly become one of the best performing competitive student groups in Australia and hold performance records internationally!

There are three divisions within the Competitive Robotics Group:

  • MBZ (the MBZIRC team) who focus on competing in the Mohamed Bin Zayed International Robotics Competition. MBZIRC is a biennial international robotics competition.
  • NIARC (the National Instruments Autonomous Robotics Competition team) concentrate on the NI Autonomous Robotics Competition; a student robotics competition designed to encourage development and innovation in the field of robotics.
  • The FRC team (FIRST Robotics Challenge), aims to inspire young people (aged between 14-18) to pursue a degree in science, technology, engineering or mathematics by engaging them in fun and exciting robotics projects. The FRC team is best suited to students willing to share their experience through a rewarding mentor program.

Major goals and achievements

  • 2019: The MBZ team are preparing to compete in the 2019 Mohamed Bin Zayed International Robotics Competition
  • 2017: From 143 applicants from 35 countries, UNSW’s Competitive Robotics MBZ team was one of a small number of teams selected to compete in the Mohamed Bin Zayed International Robotics Competition and were the only Australian entrant to qualify.
  • 2015: The team became the first Australian team to compete in the Intelligent Ground Vehicles Competition in the United States, which has been running for over 20 years, winning five awards and placing second overall. Among the awards were two first places in the autonomous navigation challenges, earned by flawlessly setting two course records with a wide margin.
  • 2014: The team split to compete as two separate entities for the National Instruments Autonomous Robotics Competition (Sydney, NSW, Australia), ultimately winning the tournament's first and second places. 
  • 2014: The team took the grand prize in the first heat of the Autonomous Ground Vehicle Competition (Geelong, VIC, Australia).
  • 2013: The team returned with the second-place trophy from the National Instruments Autonomous Robotics Competition (Melbourne, VIC, Australia). 
  • 2013: The team achieved the best autonomous navigation performance with a second-place overall rank at the Autonomous Ground Vehicle Competition (Geelong, VIC, Australia).
Information for Students

Who we are looking for

If you are interested in building autonomous robots, we'd love you to drop by the lab and say hi – you can find us in Tyree (H6) LG09. We welcome students from all disciplines and years - you just need to be able to design and build mechanical or electrical objects or code.

Why you should join

Join us and get the chance to:

  • Build robots and pit them against national and international teams both interstate and overseas
  • Learn how to use cool equipment and loads of different sensors
  • Challenge yourself and learn a variety of new skills
  • Work with people from a variety of engineering backgrounds (just like you will in your future career)
  • Apply robotics theory to real life practical challenges

My Story - Dominik Daners

Competitive Robotics Group team member and 3rd year Mechantronics undergraduate, Dominik Daners, joined the team because of his passion for robots.

 "I joined the competitive robotics group in first year, looking for a highly competitive robotics group that would allow me to learn more about robotics through practical experience. I’ve learnt how to implement robotics theory in a number of different languages, on a variety of different platforms in order to perform complex tasks autonomously. So far this has led me to help develop two small and two large ground vehicles, 3 different drones and compete against the best internationally, most recently in Abu Dhabi for 2.2M USD in prize money."

“I’ve learnt how to implement robotics theory in a number of different languages, on a variety of different platforms in order to perform complex tasks autonomously.”

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Information for Sponsors

Can you help?

We are actively seeking sponsors to help us achieve our goals of training Australia’s top engineers, shaping the future of sustainable transport and inspiring the next generation of engineers still in school. Any support, whether it be in-kind material or machining, financial support or advice on our designs, is invaluable.

If you are interested in sponsoring any of our Student Projects, please contact our Student Projects Officer Stephanie Bagnell


What’s in it for you?

Each project creates different opportunities to make great things happen, such as:

  • Access to and engagement with USNW Engineering’s top students
  • Ability to trial students via UNSW Engineering’s Industrial Training Program
  • Networking opportunities with other industry partners, UNSW academic and research staff and UNSW’s top students
  • Advertise graduate positions directly to UNSW Engineering students
  • Media and branding opportunities
  • News items and photos for your internal communications promotion

Get in touch to find out more about each project's sponsorship opportunities.

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