Who are we?

CREATE is one of the largest student-led engineering and design organisations in UNSW. CREATE aims to provide an opportunity for students to learn practical engineering skills through its many hands on projects. The club runs free workshops on programming and electrical interfacing with Arduino microcontrollers, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and computer aided design (CAD) with SolidWorks. Through all its services, CREATE enables students to learn the skills they need to build their own projects.

Why should you join?

CREATE is the UNSW student maker group. Open to anyone, projects range from autonomous unmanned ground vehicles, robotic renditions of classic arcade games, interactive LED displays to giant 3D printers. They teach real design and engineering skills that are highly valued by industry. While learning theory is important, the development of skills through practical experiences is what really builds a strong engineer. CREATE is the perfect complement to your academic success and journey through university.

Backed by a strong community of over 2000 like-minded innovators from every faculty, there are endless projects to pursue.

“The diversity is what I love most about CREATE. Backed by a strong community of over 2000 like-minded innovators from every faculty, there are endless projects to pursue. The hardest part is choosing just one. I encourage anyone wanting to truly make the most out of their university experience to join.” - Alexander Yellachich, CREATE President

Upcoming challenges

The UAV Challenge

The UAV Challenge is an annual international competition run jointly by CSIRO and of Queensland University of Technology. The UAV Challenge aims to demonstrate the utility of UAVs for civilian applications, particularly in search and rescue applications in the future. The competition in 2016 requires teams to fly their UAV through a narrow corridor to a nominated GPS location more than 20 kilometres away. The UAV then has to survey a landing site, detect obstacles, and land autonomously next to a large mannequin nicknamed ‘Outback Joe’. ‘Outback Joe’ will then place a ‘blood sample’ on board and arm an activation switch. The UAV will then take off autonomously, and navigate back to home base.


The UAV Challenge will provide invaluable experience to the 10 members of CREATE’s UAS team in the design, development and operation of UAVs. By combining a range of engineering disciplines including mechanical, electrical, computer science and software engineering, participants will gain extensive skills in the fastest growing component of the international aerospace industry. CREATE has been involved in UAV development since its inception, and this competition is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate our expertise and advance our knowledge and skills, while representing UNSW in a prestigious international competition.

Visit the CREATE website to prepare for the next campus event.