Engineering Society (EngSoc)

The umbrella student society for The Engineering Faculty, UNSW!

UNSW's Engineering Society (EngSoc) aims to elevate every aspect of the engineering student experience at UNSW. EngSoc provides countless opportunities to students: from volunteering in our community to solving engineering challenges and networking with industry professionals to socialising. EngSoc aspires to empower UNSW Engineering students to become well-rounded leaders. 

About EngSoc

Who we are

EngSoc cater for UNSW Engineering students across all years and disciplines. The society is run by a dedicated team of around 75 students spread across six portfolios: Careers, Information Technologies, Programs, Socials, Marketing and Human Resources. EngSoc organise a wide range of events, such as seminars, workshops, industry networking events, site visits, competitions and social events. EngSoc events are geared towards building the confidence and networks of the UNSW Engineering student body, and preparing students for life after UNSW!

Major goals and achievements

  • EngSoc run two professional development programs - the Volunteer Development Program and the Engineering Industries Program. Both programs are AHEGS accredited, with over 250 students participating annually. 
  • We organise major and unique networking events such as our Projects and Pitch Fair and ENGage: A Networking Night with Graduates, where students are given profound networking opportunities with industry representatives.
  • We host special major annual social events including our annual Ball, Camp, Games Night, Sports Day, and Welcome Back BBQ.
  • We had our first hoodie release in 2017 which saw hundreds of sales and significantly developed the student identity of EngSoc.  
2018  engsoc Team
Information for Students

Why should you join?

Participating as a member or joining our society as a subcommittee member, director, or on our executive team, will give you the opportunity to: 

  • Vastly improve your teamwork, leadership, and communication skills - employers highly value graduates with these attributes!
  • Build your resume with our AHEGS accredited professional development programs (i.e. the Volunteer Development Program and the Engineering Industries Program).
  • Access our careers events and build networks with industry professionals before you graduate. 
  • Get outside of your comfort zone with volunteering, or competitions which require you to pitch to large groups of students and industry professionals. 
  • Meet and mingle with fellow engineering students (from different years and degrees), and form lasting friendships. 

Who we are looking for

All UNSW engineering students automatically become EngSoc members, however to stay up to date, you should like us on Facebook, join our Facebook group, and sign up to our newsletter.

Students from other disciplines are technically unable to become members of EngSoc, but are welcome to attend our events. 

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My Story - Thilina De Silva Senasige

President of EngSoc Thilina De Silva Senasige, and Chemical/Biomedical Engineering undergraduate got involved with EngSoc because:

"I became involved in EngSoc in my 3rd year of university (2016) on the recommendation of EngSoc’s 2015 president. It was a spontaneous decision to do so, however the most profound decision I have ever made. After a year in the team, I began to envision greater things for the society and wanted to explore the full potential of what this society could do for the more than 10,000 engineering students at UNSW. In 2017, I became EngSoc’s first Social Vice President where I led the establishment of a social culture which incorporated all students from across the 8 schools of engineering. Establishing initiatives and organising events, and seeing their profound effect on the engineering student culture, spurred my self-belief and convinced me that I was ready to become President for 2018.

Before joining EngSoc, I had very limited leadership experience, however I was passionate about arts and sport. Although seemingly irrelevant to each other, my experience in EngSoc has empowered all aspects of my life and has a played part in my advancing love and ambition for my hobbies too.

Through my 3 years of development in EngSoc, I have crafted abilities that I never thought I would be capable of. Empowerment, compassion, and determination are qualities that I lead by. With these three key qualities, I have learnt the importance of being as invested in the people in your team, as you are in the community you aim to serve. Your team is your greatest asset, and their development and well-being serves foundation to making a lasting impact on the community."

“Through my 3 years of development in EngSoc, I have crafted abilities that I never thought I would be capable of.”

Information for Sponsors

Can you help?

We are actively seeking sponsors to help us achieve our goals of training Australia’s top engineers, shaping the future of sustainable transport and inspiring the next generation of engineers still in school. Any support, whether it be in-kind material or machining, financial support or advice on our designs, is invaluable.

If you are interested in sponsoring any of our Student Projects, please contact our Student Projects Officer Stephanie Bagnell


What’s in it for you?

Each project creates different opportunities to make great things happen, such as:

  • Access to and engagement with USNW Engineering’s top students
  • Ability to trial students via UNSW Engineering’s Industrial Training Program
  • Networking opportunities with other industry partners, UNSW academic and research staff and UNSW’s top students
  • Advertise graduate positions directly to UNSW Engineering students
  • Media and branding opportunities
  • News items and photos for your internal communications promotion

Get in touch to find out more about each project's sponsorship opportunities.

UNSW Engineering's Student-Led Projects