Flight Labs UNSW (FLU)

Flight Labs UNSW (FLU) is a Student Project whose mission is to become a global leader in the design and development of aerial robotics, while also creating career elevating industry opportunities for UNSW students.

About Flights Labs UNSW

Who we are

We are a team of engineering students working to develop the software, mechanical, aeronautics, and electronics to improve aerial robotics. FLU also aims to bridge the gap between education and industry by providing technical workshops to teach students the techniques and skills required in related industries.

FLU consists of two main components:

Projects: this involves developing aircrafts for competitions and research projects. The projects are there to provide students with hands-on experience and help build FLU’s online knowledge base.

Education: this involves teaching workshops that provide skills to students interested in aerial robotics.

Major goals and achievements

  • Flight Labs UNSW’s goal is to become a global leader in aerial robotics and create career elevating industry opportunities for UNSW students in the field.
  • Our immediate goals are to establish workshops, an online research blog, and begin work on a new plane. We also hope to gain more consulting opportunities with industry partners.
  • In 2019, we will be competing at the AUVSI SUAS Competition, working on more projects with industry partners, and establishing FLU as leaders for UAV technology at UNSW and Australia.
  • In 2017, the team placed top 3 out of 150 teams at the 2017 Land O’Lakes Drone Challenge in Minnesota, USA, where we built and designed a self-recharging, autonomous drone for agricultural surveying.
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Information for Students

Why should you join?

  • You can get your hands dirty playing with cool equipment and technology and learn how to use them
  • Make a difference in the UAV industry in Australia
  • Challenge yourself by working on a team that's competing in the world’s hardest autonomous aerial robotics competitions.
  • Learn new skills that you can take into the workforce and make you stand out

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for people who have an interest in building autonomous flying robots. We welcome all students from all disciplines and years. If you’re interested and are willing to learn, join us!

My Story - Anthony Feizi Sobbi

Anthony Feizi Sobbi, Project Director of Flight Labs UNSW and 4th-year undergraduate studying a Bachelor of Mechatronic Engineering, joined FLU as he wanted to use his hobby aircraft making skills on something more useful for people:

“I joined the team back in my second year (when it was previously named CREATE UAS) as I wanted to get more involved with building autonomous drones, learn new skills from other engineering disciplines in the robotics area and make new friends who have the same interest as I do. As the team developed, we entered our first international competition and placed top 3 out of 150 teams. It was an amazing feat as we only had 1 years’ worth of development under our belts. It goes to show you don't need a lot of experience to do well, you just need to have the passion and the willingness to learn new things.

In 2018, we decided to make the team into its own student club as we saw that aerial robotics is a large field and we wanted to make a club that focuses on that. Thus Flight Labs UNSW was born.

As aerial robotics is still a developing area, a lot of the things we do is still quite new so we are developing a lot of new methods. Taking on projects like this helps you train your design and debugging skills, which makes you a better engineer as you get real-life experience while studying.”

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Taking on projects like this helps you train your design and debugging skills, which makes you a better engineer as you get real-life experience while studying.

Information for Sponsors

Can you help?

We are actively seeking sponsors to help us achieve our goals of training Australia’s top engineers, shaping the future of sustainable transport and inspiring the next generation of engineers still in school. Any support, whether it be in-kind material or machining, financial support or advice on our designs, is invaluable.

If you are interested in sponsoring any of our Student Projects, please contact our Student Projects Officer Stephanie Bagnell engprojects@unsw.edu.au


What’s in it for you?

Each project creates different opportunities to make great things happen, such as:

  • Access to and engagement with USNW Engineering’s top students
  • Ability to trial students via UNSW Engineering’s Industrial Training Program
  • Networking opportunities with other industry partners, UNSW academic and research staff and UNSW’s top students
  • Advertise graduate positions directly to UNSW Engineering students
  • Media and branding opportunities
  • News items and photos for your internal communications promotion

Get in touch to find out more about each project's sponsorship opportunities.

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