Redback Racing

Who are we?

Redback Racing designs, constructs and races an open-wheeled race car. Since 2000 the team has competed in the Formula SAE Australasian competition run by the Society of Automotive Engineers, and has been rewarded with several top five positions, clocking speeds of up to 150km/h. Entrants are also judged on the car’s performance, fuel consumption, design, cost to manufacture and commercial viability.

Why should you join?

Formula SAE, is an engineering design competition where students from universities across the globe design, manufacture and race small open-wheeler racing cars to compete at Formula SAE events every year.

The competition is the largest motorsport category in the world, with over 500 teams from multiple continents competing to win the multiple Formula SAE events held each year.

The aim of the competition is to allow students to build their practical skills in a competitive environment based on their theoretical knowledge, thus assisting them to become well-rounded graduates.

Andy Lam, Redback Racing team leader

The core Redback Racing team consists of the technical team, who look after the design and manufacture of our race car each season, and the management team who look after the day-to-day operation of the team. Together, they form the main team who volunteer their time to ensure the effective and efficient operation of the race car. Redback Racing accepts applicants from all schools and faculties. If you would like to join the team, send an application via email

Last year I was the team leader. While it was a very difficult job, I was able to manage the team effectively to get a highly functional car for the 2015 competition. My communication and cooperation skills have improved significantly as I have been able to adapt in such a dynamic team environment - Andy Lam, Redback Racing team leader.

Our major achievements

2015, 2013 & 2012 1st place in Cost Effective Vehicle category.
2012 6th place overall in the Formula SAE.
2006 3rd place overall in the Formula SAE.
2000 1st place overall in the Formula SAE.


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