Who are we?

The UNSW solar racing team, Sunswift, is Australia's top solar car team. The team designs and builds solar-powered cars to race in the biennial World Solar Challenge – a 3000km race from Darwin to Adelaide with competitors from across the globe. The project is entirely student-run and not-for-profit, and has been operating since 1996. In that time, Sunswift has produced five solar cars and has established an enviable track record, winning many prizes and breaking numerous world records.

Why should you join?

Sunswift consists of a variety of motivated students from various backgrounds and degrees such as mechanical, electrical, renewable energy and photovoltaics engineering, as well as computer science, commerce, arts and industrial design.

Simba Kuestler

There are many challenges involved in building and racing solar cars, which require real-world problem solving skills and a strong work ethic. Sunswift teaches students to be self-reliant, self-motivated and employ their honed leadership skills to acquire and apply new knowledge.

“Sunswift has taught me more about engineering and its real life applications than any subject ever could. Being surrounded by other like-minded enthusiastic students working together on a project is invaluable for becoming a capable and responsible engineer” – Simba Kuestler, Sunwift project manager.

Our major achievements

2016 Currently working on becoming the first internationally recognised road legal solar car.
2015 4th place in the world solar challenge.
2014 Broke the FIA world record for the fastest electric vehicle over a 500 km distance.
2007 Holds the Transcontinental Record, travelling from Sydney to Perth purely on solar power.


To join our team, visit the Sunswift website.