Women in Engineering Society (WIESoc)

The Women in Engineering Society offers current female engineering students a broad range of events and activities to develop soft skills and build friendships whilst you study. WIESoc events include a packed social calendar (including networking events and the annual WIESoc ball) and a highly sought-after industry mentoring program. 

About WIESoc

Who we are

The Women in Engineering Society is an initiative which was implemented in 2013 by female engineering students to develop and foster a supportive environment for women in engineering. WIESoc believe that supporting women throughout their university experience will play a vital role in addressing the current disparity between the female to male ratio in industry. 


Major goals and achievements

  • 2016 – Implemented The Protégé Program in 2016: 120 young women signed up to be a protégé in this brand-new initiative.
  • 2015 – The Industry Mentoring Program was implemented in 2015. This program offers an opportunity for female students to forge a network in industry with the guidance of an industry mentor.
  • Regular events: WIESoc host an array of events throughout the year such as The International Women’s Day Brunch, The Inter-University Cocktail night, The Annual Charity Ball and a variety of on-campus social events such as board game nights and BBQ’s.
Information for Students

Who we are looking for

Anyone who is an avid supporter for equality in the engineering field is welcome to attend our events and join our programs and executive team. We are looking for great representatives who can effectively communicate their ideas to those around them. 

Why you should join

  • You’ll become part of a great network of ambitious and supportive female engineers.
  • If you dedicate your time and energy into the background works of the society, you'll vastly improve your communication skills and employability.
  • You’ll make lifelong friends and feel a great sense of accomplishment by positively influencing the lives of future leaders.
My Story - Riya Dalal

Riya Dalal is the President of WIESoc and in her 4th year of Mechanical Engineering at UNSW. Here is what Riya has to say about her involvement in WIESoc:

“I got involved with WIESoc towards the end of my first year at university, I was looking to be involved in a society where I would be able to work with a motivated team for a cause we were all passionate about. WIESoc had always put on such amazing event and programs throughout the years which encouraged me to be a part of the executive committee.


Since joining the team, I have had the opportunity to lead one of WIESoc’s flagship programs; the industry mentoring program, where students have the opportunity to be mentored by an industry professional in their field of engineering. Following my year in leading this program, I decided to take my passion on a larger scale by becoming the President of WIESoc the following year.


Over my two years in WIESoc I have gained some amazing skills, opportunities and gained a network of inspiring and ambitious young female engineers. Skills in leading multiple teams, coordinating large scale events and most importantly effective communication - where I have had the opportunity to work with our youngest members from 1st year ranging through to our industry and alumni network.


By following my passion in supporting and inspiring female engineers and becoming a part of the WIESoc team I have been able to successfully land my summer internship at Aurecon, an engineering consulting firm and continue to work closely with the UNSW faculty of engineering as a student ambassador to further promote WIE initiatives.”

To hear more about Riya’s journey in engineering, click here! 



Over my two years in WIESoc I have gained some amazing skills, opportunities and gained a network of inspiring and ambitious young female engineers.


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Information for Sponsors

Can you help?

We are actively seeking sponsors to help us achieve our goals of training Australia’s top engineers, shaping the future of sustainable transport and inspiring the next generation of engineers still in school. Any support, whether it be in-kind material or machining, financial support or advice on our designs, is invaluable.

If you are interested in sponsoring any of our Student Projects, please contact our Student Projects Officer Stephanie Bagnell engprojects@unsw.edu.au


What’s in it for you?

Each project creates different opportunities to make great things happen, such as:

  • Access to and engagement with USNW Engineering’s top students
  • Ability to trial students via UNSW Engineering’s Industrial Training Program
  • Networking opportunities with other industry partners, UNSW academic and research staff and UNSW’s top students
  • Advertise graduate positions directly to UNSW Engineering students
  • Media and branding opportunities
  • News items and photos for your internal communications promotion

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