Your Challenge is to design outdoor community seating for the Walgett community garden!

When creating your design think about:

  • How will your design allow people to have a group conversation?
  • How big is your seating structure going to be? How many people will it accommodate?
  • Where will the seating be in the garden? How important is shade?
  • How durable is your seating structure? Will it last in different temperatures and weathers?
  • Think about using sustainable and recycled materials – consider recycled plastic, reclaimed wood, even 44-gallon drums!

Upload your designs to the Girls in Engineering Club Facebook group by Sunday 26th of August or to our alternative submission form.

The winning entry will be shared with the Walgett community to consider for their garden – so who knows? You might be a part of changing people’s lives in a remote community. How good would that feel?

And of course … There will also be prizes for the best three designs.

Walgett Garden Design

Learn more about the project here:

UNSW Global Water Institute - Water efficient Garden beds to be installed in Walgett

Image to the right water colour design for the Walgett Garden by Melinda Wimborne, UNSW Engineering Makerspace Manager

Some inspiration:

DIY Pallet Sofa Chair from Recycled Wood


Unique 'steel drum' furniture

Making An Earth Bench

Make a bench with beams