Student life

UNSW is a great place to study Engineering.  Not only are we considered the number one provider of Engineering education in the country, we are also located in one of the most beautiful cities in the world  Sydney.  And life at uni doesn’t always have to be about the study…

Life on campus

Take a walk down the main university boulevard.  You’ll soon see that UNSW really is a dynamice and inspiring place to study.

Students and academic staff of UNSW come from all different walks of like and from all over the world, near and far.  In class you could be sitting next to a friend from your local high school or an international student from rural China who is experiencing a new country and culture for the first time.

With diversity like that, you are in for a rich experience that will broaden your networks and help you develop different learning styles and teamwork strategies.  It doesn’t get better than that.

There is always a flurry of excitement on campus, with heaps to do right throughout the year.  One week it could be ‘Arts Week’ with weird and wonderful sculptures around  campus, the next it is the ‘Festival of Sports’ where you can try your hand at rock climbing or test your balancing skills on a mechanical surfboard.

How about browsing through old records or finding a piece of vintage clothing at the market stalls which are regularly set up near the ARC precinct.

Given the fun and social side of things you are bound to have an enjoyable and memorable time as a student, but most importantly you will learn the skills that will equip you to be able to help solve the problems of the future.