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UNSW Alumni

The University operates a UNSW Alumni for local and international graduates.

Faculty of Engineering Alumni

The Faculty holds an annual Alumni Anniversary Dinner for those who graduated multiples of ten years ago from all schools in the Faculty. Details of the upcoming dinner may be found at Faculty News and Events

The Faculty of Engineering newsletter UNSW Engineers also includes information about these and other events of interest to alumni. 

School of Biomedical Engineering Alumni

Our graduates are working for government, universities and companies throughout Australia and around the world.  Take a look below for a quick snapshot of where some of our  graduates are working now:

  • Andrew Botros, Manager and consultant, Expressive Engineering. Recently head-hunted to work with IBM's new AI program, "Walter".
  • Sakeena De Souza, Global Product Manager, ResMed
  • Milan Obradovic, Clinical Field Engineer, Saluda Medical
  • Natalie Zotelo Manning, Senior Manager, Global Product Marketing, ResMed
  • Marc Challita, Business Manager, Health Care Sector, Phillips Healthcare Technologies Ltd
  • Tom Gibson Director Human Impact Engineering
  • Kim Thai, Senior Engineer Human Impact Engineering
  • Aaron Farrell, Service and Education Manager, Medtronic
  • Ivana Popovac, Systems Engineer, Cochlear
  • Rajan Chandrasekaran, Regulatory Affairs, Stryker
  • Irene Tsimos, Graduate Engineer, Cochlear
  • Risto Kotevski, Graduate Procurement Engineer, ResMed
  • Richard Kao, Product Development Engineer, Nanosonics
  • Patrick Huebner, Miglicio Research Group, NeuroScience Research Australia (Neura)
  • Darren Alvares, Product Manager, ResearchGate, a social network for scientists.
  • Kan Chen, Biobank Officer, Asbestos Disease Research Institute (ADRI)
  • Tian Wang, Post Doctoral Studies, with William Walsh, Prince of Wales Hospital Clinical School.
  • Professor Simon Roe, Biomechanics Lecturer, North Carolina State University.
  • Michael Griffiths, Director, Road Safety Solutions
  • Prashan Paramanathan, CEO, Chuffed - Crowdfunding
  • Dr Norbert Dommel, Senior Engineer, Implant Development, Cochlear Ltd.  (PhD BiomedE 2008)
  • Michael Griffiths, CEO, Road Safety Solutions. (PhD BiomedE 1982)
  • James Smith, Intern at BCS International
  • Deepika Nandakumar - PhD graduation at Sydney university on 25 Sept. Now a postdoctoral research fellow at Prince Charles Hospital/Griffith University in Brisbane.

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