Greg Watkins

Greg Watkins

Greg is studying a PhD in...

Cochlear implant speech processing. The aim of his research is to develop a metric that predicts how well cochlear implant recipients will be able to understand speech.

Cochlear Implants can provide outstanding results for recipients however speech perception in noise remains problematic. The processing strategies in implants are both non-linear and time varying. Greg’s research is investigating a metric that measures the change in the signal to noise ratio, due to the processing strategy, that is experienced by the implant recipient relative to the original signal to noise ratio.

Prior to commencing his PhD Greg completed a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Hons 1) from UNSW Australia and a Graduate Certificate in Software Engineeringfrom UTS, Sydney.

Greg is studying part-time and has more than 30 years engineering and project management experience in the Telecommunications industry.

Greg's supervisors are...

Prof Gregg Suaning (UNSW) and Dr Brett Swanson (Cochlear Ltd).

His research has practical implications for ...Cochlear implants are life changing

Clinical testing is time consuming and volunteers for implant testing are a scarce resource. 

If a metric can be developed that reliably predicts the effectiveness of speech processing strategies then researchers will be able to “bench test” and fine tune their ideas before conducting clinical testing with cochlear implant recipients. This could lead to much more productive research.

Greg loves biomedical engineering because...

"Engineering is all about solving problems. Biomedical engineering is about solving problems and changing people's lives.

I have seen the difference that cochlear implants have made in the lives of friends and family. It is an amazing device. My goal is to combine my engineering skills and my own experience of hearing disability to help make cochlear implants even better."

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...but they are sure to come!

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