2016 UNSW Engineering Dean’s Awards announced

Australian engineering’s future “rock stars” on show. 

Download photos from the night here.

The next generation of engineering rock stars came out to play at the 2016 Dean’s Awards at Leighton Hall last night.

Two notable award winners were from the same family – Sarah Hayes (middle) and younger brother Liam (right) celebrate with their sister. Sarah, who has won a number of Dean’s Awards, is completing her Commerce degree while working in transport planning.The awards honour the top 100 undergraduate students in UNSW Engineering, based on academic results from 2015. The theme of the night was inspired by the Knowledge Nation 100 campaign that celebrates the “rock stars of the new economy” who will shape Australia’s future prosperity.

Dean of Engineering Professor Mark Hoffman told the audience that the University already produces “true leaders”, with UNSW graduates filling almost one in four spots in Engineers Australia’s Top 100 influential engineers list. “UNSW Engineering isn’t just a great place to learn and build the foundation of a rewarding and fulfilling career in engineering,” Professor Hoffman said. “It is also a place where the future is being made – ‘innovation in action’.”

Two notable award winners were from the same family – Sarah Hayes (Civil and Environmental Engineering) and younger brother Liam (Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications). Sarah, who has won a number of Dean’s Awards, is completing her Commerce degree while working in transport planning. Her tip for success? “Don't get hung up on what you will or won't be tested on,” she said. “You're studying to be a good engineer, not to get a good number on a piece of paper.”

Student Service Award winners with the Dean of Engineering, Professor Mark Hoffman (left) and Dr Ray Eaton, Associate Dean - Education (right).

Also recognised at the ceremony were the Student Service Award winners, who have given outstanding service to the Faculty or UNSW student community. Two students received individual awards – Civil Engineering student David Phan and Cassandra Murphy from Environmental Engineering/Science. Phan was recognised for his many contributions to the UNSW community, including Arc, the fundraising Volunteer Army and the Shack Tutoring program. Murphy was heavily involved in the Engineers Without Borders group and commended for her work on the ENGG1000 program.

The Student Service team award was given to the Women in Engineering Student Society Leadership Team – Ranie Nyugen, Linda Tran and Jenny Thi Tran. The award was in recognition of the team’s “great initiative and determination in developing and furthering their society”, through successful collaborations such as the Pilot Industry Mentoring Program and Industry Networking Event.

Other speakers last night were Master of Ceremonies Penny Martens, who is Associate Dean (Research and Training) at UNSW Engineering and Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering, and Professor Andrea Morello, who is the Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications Program Manager and a world leader in quantum physics. Professor Morello, a Knowledge Nation 100 researcher, gave his congratulatory speech on behalf of the academic community.

Cochlear Digital Signal Processing engineer, inventor and musician Matthew Brown, who graduated with a BE (Electrical) with Honours in 2014, offered congratulations to awards winners from the alumni community. It helps that Brown is a genuine “rock star”. He developed Polyphonic Music Transcription software and continues to play in folk-rock band Citizen of the World.

Dean’s Award winners

UNSW Biomedical Engineering

Dustin Jeremy Chung Long Shan

Evelyn Jane Foster

William Kelvin Green

Hannah Grolman

Adam Anthony Larkin

Zheye Li

James Newman McColl

Jason Sengmany

Gavin Yue Hin Tam

Yuanyou Wang

Jason Xiang

Jacky Sze Ho Yu

UNSW Chemical Engineering

Hannah Grolman

Thomas Hanh

Jonathan Andrew Hopkins

Peter Roman Judzewitsch

Adam Anthony Larkin

Hongzhe Li

Zheye Li

Jenny Thi Tran

Ernest Cheuk Yu Tse

Rui Zhang

UNSW Civil & Environmental Engineering

Ahmed Nashwan Abdul Matheen

Ming En Chin

Josiah Blas Fajardo

Anthony Ignatius Ferraro

Jefry Halim

Sarah Elizabeth Hayes

Jianan Jiang

Jason Waihay Ko

Jason Lam

Monica Laut

Aaron Ponnampalam

Dan Su

Clinton Ngo Tran

Atheththan Vigneswaran

Camellia Wong

Charlie Zeng

UNSW Computer Science & Engineering

Glen Rowan Carmichael

Daaron Tin-Shing Chiu

David John Coates

Matthew James Di Meglio

Florencia Irena

Joshua Chin Saik Lau

Kenny Ghin Sie Lau

Diogo Martins Lourenco Real

David John McKinnon

Joshua David Merritt

Minjie Shen

Aaron Joseph Springer

Matthew Stark

Gavin Yue Hin Tam

Austin Tankiang

Kevin Tran

Victor Ka-Wing Tse

Vanessa Amy Ung

Darwin John Vickers

Jack Alexander Walsh

Donny Yang

Jessica Shi Zhang

UNSW Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications

Andrew Benjamin Barnett

Yun Xin Chen

Isha Deodhar

Max William Fisher

Angus McKenzie Fletcher

James Lyndon Gray

Liam Christopher Hayes

Sebastian Peter Bruno Holzapfel

Fan Hei Hung

Colin H Lam

Chengjian Lian

Zhijin Liang

Jeremy Chen-Xiang Ma

Michael Ricardo Manansala

Adrian Muljadi

Daniel John Parker

Xinyi Tang

Ning Jian Teh

Mihir Vivek Wagle

Rong Zhai

Hang Zhou

UNSW Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering

Moustafa Amr Nazeih A Ali

Jake Robert Bradbury

Dustin Jeremy Chung Long Shan

Alexander Danon

Jethro Paul Dickens

Evelyn Jane Foster

Sanjiv Dineshka Gunasekera

Karl Zihao Jin

Yeo Cheon Kim

Jeremy Ming Wei Low

Shawn Manuel

Luke Robert Millstead

Bradley Scott Moody

Samim Erez Ozyurteri

Himmat Singh Panag

Harsh Dipak Patel

Cameron Adam Stewart

Eddie Tan

Declan Michael Walsh

Bill Walton

Yuanyou Wang

Andrew Israel Whitham

Isabella Yan

Jacky Sze Ho Yu

UNSW Petroleum Engineering

Chenhao Sun

UNSW Photovoltaic & Renewable Energy Energy Engineering

Leslie Shaun Junsen Lay

Kevin Hon-Kit Leung

Daniel Christopher Tam

Student Service Award winners

Individual awards

David Phan (Civil Engineering)

Extensive contributor to the UNSW community including participating in Arc – such as the Yellow Shirts, O week, the CONTACT service – and the Stationary Reuse Centre, the Volunteer Army, the Shack Tutoring program, Mosaic Mentoring, Engineering Peer Mentor Program, Careers and Employment office and the Alumni Office.

Cassandra Murphy (Environmental Engineering/Science)

An invaluable part of the UNSW chapter of Engineers Without Borders group, and commended for
her contributions to the ENGG1000 program, and particularly for developing the UNSW Engineers Without Borders competition. The competition has been so successful that university chapters from around Australia are exploring the options to participate in 2016.

Team award

Women in Engineering Student Society Leadership Team – Ranie Nguyen, Linda Tran and Jenny Thi Tran

Showed great initiative and determination in developing and furthering their society, Women in Engineering, through numerous industry and social events. It has now acquired a large social network supporting women, but is not limited in that men are encouraged to join and support their cause. Of particular note is the Pilot Industry Mentoring Program, their collaboration with Cochlear, Aurecon, Ausgrid and Google, their highly successful Industry Networking Event last year, which featured Optus, WSP-Parsons Brinckerhoff and Deloitte, and initiating the society’s first resume, interview and discussion panel. 

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