Announcement of SEED Funding

Congratulations to SEED funding awardees this year

Purpose of Fund: To seed research and development projects that will lead to technological solutions to clinical problems with a pathway to implementation through clinical trials and/or commercialisation.
Applications must be jointly led by at least two CIs, one each from UNSW Faculties of Engineering and Medicine (can be a conjoint appointment with a preference for clinical academics). Demonstrably committed industry partner inclusion is also considered to be advantageous. Funding will be provided up to $150k per annum for up to three years subject to demonstration of satisfactory progress in annual reviews.

Image-guided simulations for planning prosthetic mitral interventions Dr James Otton
A/Prof Socrates Dokos
A/Prof David Muller
Dr Amr Al Abed

Developing a paralinguistic plus episodic memory screening tool to detect and track cognitive impairment in the elderly Dr. Beena Ahmed
Prof Julien Epps
Scientia Prof Henry Brodaty
Dr Nicole Kochan
Prof Michael Valenzuela
Prof Kirrie Ballard

Smart point-of-care paper test strips towards prevention of Type 2 diabetes
Dr. Guozhen Liu
Prof Margaret Morris
Prof Jerry Greenfield
Prof Maria Craig

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