Developing new treatments for diabetic wounds at UNSW

Diabetes is a world-wide health issue and affects about 1.7 million Australians. Diabetes causes changes throughout the body including impairing the ability to heal wounds that are typically located on the feet and lower legs. These wounds cause pain, result in repeated hospital admissions due to infection and cause approximately 4,500 Australians to undergo lower leg amputations per year.

With the support of Diabetes Australia, Megan Lord, Associate Professor in Biomedical Engineering at UNSW, together with Professor John Whitelock, Dr Zehra Elgundi and Dr Jelena Rnjak-Kovacina, are developing biomaterials that contain bioengineered molecules that promote blood vessel formation needed for wound healing. This work is an important step toward realising an effective treatment for diabetic wounds avoiding pain, hospitalisation and limb amputation for people living with diabetes.

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