Fostering Research Ties in New Zealand

On Tuesday 2nd December, 11 academic staff of the Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering (GSBmE) visited New Zealand's Auckland Bioengineering Institute (ABI) to foster closer links and research collaboration between our respective biomedical engineering schools and institutes.

ABI is a cross-faculty research centre of the University of Auckland, and undertakes research in the application of mathematical and engineering sciences to biology and human physiology.

The day began with ABI and GSBmE presenting informative overviews of their respective research and teaching programs.

The GSBmE group were then given a tour of various ABI laboratories, as well as a tour of select laboratories and facilities of Auckland University's  Medical School and the nearby Departments of Opthalmology and Anatomy with Radiology.  Take a look at this fascinating video from their Biomimetics lab on smart muscles.

The day concluded with a group discussion of practical ways of improving our collaborative research links. An open invitation was also extended to ABI to visit GSBmE in the near future, which was keenly accepted!

GSBmE wishes to express its appreciation to the staff of ABI for their generous time and hospitality in organising the various tours and workshop discussions.


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