Martin has big dreams for lower limb prostheses

Martin Impelido has big plans for when he graduates as a biomedical engineer.  "My plan is to restore 100% mobility to lower limb amputees of all ages. I want people to feel like their prosthesis is their own flesh and blood" he says.

"The Dual Degree is perfect for me", says Martin. I can study both my loves: Mechatronic Engineering AND Biomedical Engineering at the same time.  It's awesome.  This is exactly what I want to do.  I studied four subjects when I went to the University of Connecticut for my exchange last year and I can tell you without doubt my favourite was Mechanical Properties of biomaterials." 

Martin loved his time studying in the States. He travelled all over the east coast of the US and Canada.  He made lifelong friends who are planning to come and visit him in Australia. 

"Campus life was just like in all the movies!" he says. "The dining hall, the food....and basketball is huge over there, as is the 'Greek Life'" (Fraternity and sorority life). 

"After my exchange I fitted seamlessly back into uni life back here" he says. 

Martin competed a summer research scholarship at ASAM (Australian School of Advanced Medicine) at Macquarie University, and knew then, for sure, that mechatronics was his area. "I'm fascinated by the human body and how we as biomedical engineers can help improve people's lives".  Martin says he wants to help people of all ages, the elderly and also child victims of land mines.  "What better way to give back to the community than this?".  I love my degree and can't wait to graduate"

Neither can we, Martin.  We look forward to hearing about your aspirations coming to fruition.

Martin says basketball culture is huge in Connecticut

Martin is involved in a range of campus activities and societies...





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