Meet Exchange student Nicholas Tucker

Third year mech/biomedical engineering student Nick Tucker has just returned from exchange in Yorkshire.

Nicholas Tucker with friends in the UK.

Where did you go on exchange?  

I just got back from a semester at University of Sheffield in Yorkshire, UK. It was cold but it was fun!

Why did you choose there particularly?

It’s a funny story - my cousin studies there – she encouraged me to come, she said I’d have ‘a grand old time’ and she wasn’t wrong!

I also heard that the culture in England was student–friendly. In addition, all of my family on dad’s side is English and growing up I’ve heard all these stories from my dad about how fun uni is, so I just had to go! 

Study highlight: 

I want to contribute substantially in the prosthetic limb world. Or even work in biomedical algorithms

Nick Tucker

Sheffield Uni has small classes and so it felt quite personal. It was easy to keep up with the material. 

What was your favourite class?

My favourite class was French!!  Which I did as general education. It was a lovely to be able to study one subject totally different from all the rest.

What type of job do you hope to get when you graduate?

I have an internship at ResMed and I’m hoping to get a full time position there. The internship is three months over summer – I was there last summer in the biomedical algorithms department and I’ll probably work in that area again this summer. I had to apply past research findings to all of ResMed’s products. They just threw me in. They said, 'Replicate and improve upon what past studies have done’.  The main thing I found was that most findings only apply in a very specific situation. It was my job to work out what findings were actually applicable and where. I learnt so much – it linked what I have learnt here at uni to the real world. 

What's your lifetime goal in biomed?

I want to contribute substantially in the prosthetic limb world or even work in biomedical algorithms – watch this space!

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