Nathan makes an artificial finger to test a robot arm!

Biomed student Nathan Isaacson has made an incredibly lifelike gelatine and 3Dprinted finger to help test a robot arm. 

Nathan is studgying UNSW's unique Dual Degree.  His is in Mech/Biomed and is currently in 5th Year.  He did an internship with Cochlear over the summer and is waiting for a graduate position offer. 

His thesis is on programming a robot arm to stimulate people's fingers.  The real world application is to work out the relationship between fingertip stimulation and the corresponding signals entering the brain. We call this haptics, which is the new big thing in the robot world.

Back to the finger.

I really enjoyed the challenge of making this finger! Gel is a great alternative to silicone because if you make a mistake you can just dip it in hot water and it melts!

Nathan Isaacson, biomed student

The flesh is made of ballistics gel.  Ballistics gel is usually used as a flesh analogue for bullet testing.  And the mould and the bone are so realistic!  They are 3D printed in-house.  

All up it took Nathan just a week and a half to make.  As an added bonus, the finger even has fingerprint-like texture due to the 3D printing mould!

Congrats, Nathan, and good luck with your thesis and future career.  So proud of you. 


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