Need some inspiration for where to take your biomed?

Dr Andrew Botros is one of The Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering's most successful and innovative alumni. Andrew completed our Dual Degree in 2002 as a University Medallist, with a Masters in Biomedical Engineering and a Bachelors in Computer Engineering.

Technology Leader at Cochlear Limited, and Young Engineer of the Year.

In 2005 Andrew created and co-led Cochlear’s AutoNRT™ project, a system that automatically analyses auditory nerve responses. It was the cochlear implant industry's first artificial intelligence system. A year later, Andrew was Engineers Australia’s Young Engineer of the Year for his contributions to cochlear implants, music acoustics, machine intelligence and the engineering community. His prior work in flute acoustics at UNSW won him the Siemens Prize for Innovation and the Australian Acoustical Society’s Excellence in Acoustics Award (

After AutoNRT, Andrew played a leading role in creating Cochlear's next generation suite of clinical software (, enabling patient self-care for the first time with Remote Assistant Fitting and the Intraoperative Remote Assistant. This work earned him his PhD at UNSW in 2010, and in 2013, the resulting products were awarded Australian Good Design Awards®, the Powerhouse Museum Design Award, and silver winner at the Medical Design Excellence Awards.

remote assistance design awards - Andrew Botros 
Andrew's Remote Assistant Fitting (left) and the Intraoperative Remote Assistant (right), which allow surgical diagnostics and an implantee's hearing settings to be made on  handheld devices. When Andrew started at Cochlear in 2002, all software was for experts only, and quite labour-intensive. Now, surgical diagnostics, for example, have gone from experts taking up to an hour, to a single button press taking a minute.

Andrew is currently Director at Expressive Engineering.

In 2011 Andrew founded Expressive Engineering, a provider of corporate training and consulting in communication and data analysis, drawing on his years of innovation and industry change at Cochlear. At the same time he has travelled well beyond engineering, studying public policy and administration at the ANU. This month, his research on digital government and open innovation in NSW appeared in the Australian Journal of Public Administration (

For all the budding biomedical engineers out there, look no further than Dr Andrew Botros for incredible inspiration for where it can take you.

Congratulations, Andrew, we are so proud to have you as alumni.

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