Take a peek at Device Technologies

Device Technologies' new premises in Belrose is truly impressive. The warehouse stocks over 50,000 items ranging from $2 antiseptic wipes to $1.5 million dollar keyhole surgery robots.

Alum Leanne Bebb, who is the Director of Regulatory Affairs, and Ben Rose, our latest star intern, showed GSBmE around their impressive new abode.

Anyone who is at all confused about what biomedical engineers do should do this tour!  Let Lisa know if you are keen!

A huge congratulations and thank you to Leann and Ben for a very enlightening tour.

Take a look at our gallery below for a look at all the amazing biomedical inventions, from plastic needle covers to cosmetic skin care to ambulance defibrilators all the way up to the latest Da Vinci robotic surgery devices.

Device Technologies provides a plethora of medical devices to private and public hospitals around Australia.

Da Vinci Roboti surgery arms.  These machines are each worth $1.5Million.

Baby attached to a SiPAP machine, which clears the baby's airways.

State of the art ambulance defibrillators, which are much lighter to carry and can be operated from a distance from the patient.  A very important feature especially if the patient is being cut out of a car accident at the time.  Device Technologies got the tender to distribute these all over Queensland.  It is the biggest single tender they have ever won.  Congratulations, Device Technologies, truly saving lives.

Buttock and breast implants are also distributed by Device Technologies.  They also distribute calf implants of all sizes.  

DC Beads are blue beads that stop cancerous liver from growing and spreading.

Leanne Bebb and Ben Rose in front of one of Device Technologies founding devices: their endoscopic sterilising machine. Before Device Technologies made these, endoscopes were not sterilised in Australia!

Syringes, needles and smalls - practical, essential AND pretty!

A very new piece of equipment.  A non invasive treatment for depressive disorder.

Orthopedics devices for shoulder surgery.

Overhead lights for use in surgery.  

A shoulder plate.

Shoulder sutures. You can see the 'anchors' in the bottom holes.

Pincers in a sterilisable tray.

Yes, they even have their own line of skin care, and yes, that's Serena Williams on the brochure.

Warehouse B.  B for BIG.  Over 50,000 lines are dispatched from here.

Ben and Leanne on the external balcony of the new Device Technologies office building at Belrose.  If anyone is interested in a site visit, please contact Lisa.











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