Forms and Templates

The Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering uses the UNSW standard forms and templates where possible.

We don't have the forms on our site because getting the forms directly from the UNSW HS web site ensures you have the latest version.


If you wish to place an order for goods or services please fill out the purchase form, (in Open office version) and send it to your supervisor. For order inquiries please contact

If you are buying equipment, it is mandatory that you complete the HS633a Pre-Purchase checklist for plant and equipment. You must also complete HS633b pre-purchase form for hazardous materials if applicable. 

Common items may be available in the UNSW internal stores via Jaggaer. You must talk to Biomed tech staff to order through the UNSW stores.


If you have an accident, near miss or wish to report a hazard please use the UNSW online hazard and incident reporting system through MYUNSW

Workstation ID cards are used to identify your work area and to inform the people around you about the risks and hazards of your work. Please see lab staff if you wish to have your card laminated

Unattended Experiment/reaction form. Use this to inform lab users about the nature of your work. It should be used on all active work where you are not present in the lab. 

Equipment ID tags are used to quickly identify equipment / plant and to highlight the risks and hazards associated with its operation.

Cold Room Box labels are compulsory on all storage boxes kept in the cold room. The risk and hazards associated with your chemicals must be identified on the label


GSBME Templates

Please see the guide on how you can  print and create labels on Chemalert . The link to chemalert can be found in the quicklinks section of the UNSW WHS website

There is a UNSW  HS429 Labelling of Hazardous Chemicals Guideline. All chemicals (including waste) must comply with the labeling guidelines. 

High quality pre-adhesive labels are available in the small lab printers (not networked). You can print on standard paper and glue/ tape on your labels. This is not recommended for solvents or repeat use containers. 

If you need assistance or have questions please contact the