GSBME WHS Induction

A Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Induction is an essential part of safety at UNSW and GSBME. You will need an induction whether you are staff, student or visitor. There is a range of training and induction procedures depending on what you want to do. Please read all of the following information carefully. 

The first thing you will need is a GSBME supervisor. This person will be responsible for your health and safety while you’re here.

The second is a z number and a z pass. This is your official UNSW identity.

If you don’t already have a UNSW ID card then, talk to your GSBME supervisor and have a look at the visitor flow chart to see where you fit in. Always check your plans with the school administrator at the earliest possible time. Never turn up to the school without confirmation from school administration.

All staff and students in GSBME need to attend training to be aware of the risk and hazards associated with the work. We want to keep you safe. This will mean that the training is extensive and will take some time to complete. If you have any problems, please contact Lab Manager Lynn Ferris


Inductions are a work in progress at the moment as new labs are coming online and UNSW updates it's training. You may be required to do multiple inductions depending on the lab space you need to access.

UNSW mandatory training information can be found on the UNSW safety web site


Basic mandatory UNSW training must be completed by all students and staff. Please follow the instructions for staff or students. These courses will appear on your UNSW  moodle site. 

 Minimal required courses

  • On-Line Work Health & Safety Awareness
  • On-Line Ergonomics

Lab access requires a minimum of:

  • On-Line Green Lab Environment Compliance
  • Laboratory Safety Awareness

Staff and students must discuss hazard specific training with your supervisor when you complete the HS006 Induction Form and the HS006a Health & Safety Individual Training Plan.

Here is some general information to help you complete the form.


School and Task Specific requirements

Laboratory Access

There is a risk management form (RMF)*  with an attached powerpoint presentation and quiz for

Level 4 of the Samuels building (F25) ENG-GBIOM-RMF-12286

Level 1 east labs of Biosciences south building (E26) ENG-GBIOM-RMF-14235

Lower ground floor of the Samuels building (F25) ENG-GBIOM-RMF-347

You must read and declare as read the RMF , complete the quiz and attend a tour to get access to these labs

*you will need a valid z number to access these documents in safesys
Additional specific training may be required depending on what you are doing. 
  • If you are doing anything with living biological material in GSBME you must enrol in Biosafety for PC2 Laboratories training.
  • If you are staff supervising any students you will need to do HS for Supervisors.

Everyone must

To get swipe access, you must complete all the required Health and Safety (HS) documents and send a screen shot of completed training to Lab Manager Lynn Ferris. You may also need to show you have enrolled in any face to face training that is required. Training history can be found in 'MYUNSW'

Lab access requires completion of the competency requirements in safesys for the lab RMF (declare as read, quiz and tour attendance)

If you are a short term visitor, a contractor or want access for a specific task please contact Lynn Ferris to discuss your induction needs

If you have any difficulties, questions or feedback please don’t hesitate to ask Lynn Ferris.