HS Database

HS resources -information to help you understand and control the hazards in the work place. If you have any suggestions about the resources you would like to see available, please contact Lynn Ferris.



Health and safety document management system.

Safesys holds the risk management forms (RMF),  Safe working procedures (SWP'S) and equipment information for UNSW.

Students and  staff upload documents and submit for approval.

Supervisors can add trained users to swp's and equipment.

The database contains:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Safe working procedures
  • Equipment database
  • training information

Information can be accessed via a z pass.



Information on Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering chemical holdings are on Jaggaer, the UNSW wide chemical management system

All chemicals that are used in the school must be logged into the chemical database and logged out if they are emptied or removed off site. 

Use the database to view current chemical stocks, check product details and find the chemical owner.

If you need to create a chemical label, there is a Chemical Label Guideline

To find MSDS, print labels or look up chemical properties check out Chemalert.

Please contact ENG Biomed TechStaff  if your z pass does not work.



Risk Management forms  and Safe Working Procedures in Safesys

What are RMF's and SWP's?

Documenting your experimental procedures and work activities is vital for good HS. It is also good scientific practice. The school aims to combine the two goals and make the documentation system improve both the science and the safety of yourself and others.

Risk Management Forms

RMF are used to identify and control hazards arising from the activities undertaken in the workplace. They are used in conjunction with SWP's to ensure that you and others will not be injured by your activities. 

Please read HS017-1 Guide to completing risk management form before you start your management process

Safe Working Procedures (SWP)

Also called standard operating procedures (SOP), experimental protocols and operating instructions. This ensure that all aspects of your work practices such as waste disposal and emergency measure as are considered.

There is a  HS027 Writing Safe Work Procedures Guideline to help you.

All forms are managed in Safesys. Risk management works best when all parties are consulted and contribute to the process