Access, Services and Training

The Molecular Surface Interaction Network Lab can provide services and resources to both experienced and beginner users.  We recommend contacting the facility manager for an initial meeting to discuss experimental application and design, finalise resources and begin safety induction procedures.


Once inducted and registered with AC Lab System (ACLS), instruments can be booked for use (  Costing includes a general fee of $30 per hour per instrument; once $600 per annum is reached by a research group (i.e 20 hours), subsequent use is free.  The initial training period of demonstration and supervised practice will not accumulate cost. 


New user meeting


ACLS user registration

Health and Safety Induction (Building E26)


Training and supervised practice for basic certification  


Independence and/or collaboration


To begin discussions and access procedures contact:

Network Lab Manager: Dr. Zehra Elgundi,