Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

Researchers at GSBmE have a strong track record in biomaterials research.

Programs include development and study of many materials, with particular emphasis on synthetic and natural polymers for cardiovascular, neural, ocular and orthopaedic applications.

More recently, tissue engineering strategies have been applied to medical device development programs, with particular focus on soft tissue, cardiovascular and orthopaedic applications.

Such devices and therapies revolve around use of living cells and/or active agents delivered by scaffolds and other systems to promote tissue repair, replacement or regeneration.

With an underlying engineering approach, GSBmE research aims to develop design specifications and to understand function of new bioreactors, scaffold materials and other delivery systems for both cells and active pharmacological agents.

Theoretical analysis of device function and mechanisms of action are also a critical part of GSBmE’s research programs in biomaterials and tissue engineering.