Biosynthetic Polymers

The fundamental research conducted by this group relates to advance understanding of the minimal biological "information" required to support differentiated cell survival and function in Biomaterials systems. Research activities of the group address such questions as:

  • How can we stably incorporate biological signals within synthetic polymers? and
  • What impact does this incorporation have on both the function of the biological molecule and the function of the polymer?

Bionic Polymers

The team has specific expertise in Hydrogels, conducting polymers, polymer nanocomposites as well as cellular and extracellular matrix biology.  This diverse expertise is allowing us to focus on applications including cell encapsulation for replacement of organ function, conductive coatings for neural electrodes and anti-bacterial materials for application across a range of medical devices including blood contacting and urinary catheters. Characterisation of polymers conducted by the group across key criteria that drive Biomaterial design include physical and mechanical evaluation, chemical characterisation and in vitro and in vivo studies of biological performance.

Key Contacts:
 Prof. Laura Poole-Warren, Dr. Penny Martens, Dr. Ross Odell, Dr. Rylie Green, Dr. Yogi Ramaswamy