Telehealth Management of Chronic Disease

Optimising Healthcare Systems
The way that healthcare systems operate is going to change forever. The current healthcare model is inherently reactive in nature and therefore suboptimal in its utilisation of valuable healthcare resources; the patient interprets their symptoms and then seeks primary care when they deem appropriate.

Using the Internet to Deliver Healthcare
Telehealth aims to use the incredible communications resource of the Internet to deliver proactive healthcare to people in their own homes.

This research focuses on all aspects of home healthcare delivery, including the hardware and software challenges involved in:

  • obtaining reliable signal recordings in unsupervised environments;
  • designing software interfaces to allow interaction between carers, patients, and health data; and
  • implementing intelligent algorithms to actively interrogate health data and predict sickness at an earlier stage.

Key Contacts:
Prof. Nigel Lovell
Dr. Stephen Redmond