Amr Al Abed

Graduate Sch-Biomedical Engine
Contact details:

Room 516, Level 5 Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering Samuels Building (F25) The University of New South Wales Sydney, NSW 2052 Australia

Amr Al Abed is a Research Associate with the Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering. His interests are in the area of excitable tissue research.

During his PhD studies he developed a method to optimise and incorporate models of experimental cardiac action potentials into 3D electro-anatomical models of the atria which is a step towards development of patient-specific models of the heart to simulate treatment options and predict their efficacy prior to being administrated on patients. This work spans several disciples and techniques such as intracellular microelectrode recording from in vitro cardiac tissue preparations, finite element simulations of excitable tissue, cell biophysics modelling, and parameter optimisation in biology.

In addition to pursuing research in cardiac electrophysiology, he is also currently working with Bionic Vision Australia to develop models of the retina to help design electrical stimulation strategies for a retinal prosthesis.