Entrepreneurship in Biomedical Engineering


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Would you like to learn more about how to recognise a potential business opportunity in biomedical engineering?

Does leading your very own company sound appealing? Who doesn't want to be their own boss !

If this sounds like you then you might like to consider two new courses available to students in the Biomedical Engineering program in GSBmE.

GSOE9445 - Entrepreneurial Engineering

Learn about the entrepreneurial revolution; obtaining venture and growth capital: writing a business plan; ethics and the entrepreneur; and harvesting wealth.

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 GSOE9220 - Launching a Startup

Learn the skills required to successfully commercialise ideas. During this course students will learn to identify business opportunities and how to assess the viability of a business model. Upon completion of the course students will pitch their business model and report on their findings.

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*Both GSOE9445 and GSOE9220 may be taken in place of a biomedical engineering elective provided school approval is given prior to enrolment. For school approval please email the GSBmE Student Manager.