How to submit an assignment

All work submitted for marking in the School must be accompanied by an appropriate coversheet, which will include a statement about its originality.

You must sign the coversheet and so agree with the statement. Unsigned work may not be marked. Unless a specific coversheet is provided in your course, use the generic coversheet provided below.  You must print your own coversheet: they will no longer be available at the School Office. For group submissions, every student in the group must include their own signed form.

Non Plagiarism Assignment Coversheet

Late Submission

If your work is submitted after a specified submission deadline, the work may or may not be marked, at the discretion of the course convenor.

Similarly, there may or may not be a penalty, again at the discretion of the course convenor.

Students should note that for dual degree programs Honours are awarded by the Undergraduate school and not the Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering. For information regarding Honours students must contact their Undergraduate school.

See Engineering Science General Information for more information.