Outbound Student Exchange

Outbound Student Exchange from UNSW

At UNSW we pride ourselves on being one of Australia’s most international universities. We encourage our students to spend time studying overseas at one of our partner institutions and also encourage overseas students to study at UNSW.

UNSW has a large and active exchange program with more than 170 different student exchange opportunities around the world. For more general information visit the UNSW Student Exchange Website.

Natasha Beljic International Exchange

Opportunities to study overseas

Today’s engineers are global citizens and many students taking Biomedical Engineering programs have taken the opportunity to be part of the UNSW Exchange program to study in other countries.

Read our exchange stories from current UNSW Biomedical Engineering students to learn  what it’s like to go on Exchange and what you need to consider in terms of finding the right courses.

Application Process

Students need to follow the instructions provided at the UNSW Global Education & Student Exchange website.

To have your course selections approved you will need to read and complete the GSBmE Outbound Student Exchange Application Form.

Your courses will need to be approved by meeting with one of the school's Exchange Advisors. Our advisors are:

Megan Lord

Lauren Kark

Socrates Dokos

Things to Note

  • Core courses BIOM9420 and BIOM9410 cannot be done whilst on exchange.
  • Students require special approval to go on exchange in their final semester.
  • Students in a biomed dual degree may have a maximum 24 uoc approved from courses completed on exchange (this includes cross institutional study or short courses).
  • Students cannot complete Thesis A, B or C whilst on exchange.
  • Approval for ANAT2511, PHSL2121 and PHSL2221 can only be done online through the Endeavour portal.