Important information for program outlines

Undergraduate Program Outlines

The program outlines should be used as an example only to guide you in your course selection. These outlines detail only the postgraduate side of your degree. They are subject to change. You should always seek advice from your undergraduate engineering school for enrolment advice regarding your Bachelor of Engineering (honours).

Program Outlines for the dual Bachelor of Engineering / Master of Biomedical Engineering degrees can be found at the Faculty of Engineering.

Special notes for ALL programs

  • Students may request a course substitution for one of their biomedical engineering electives. All course substituions must have written consent from the Biomedical Engineering Student Manager prior to enrolment. Students must show how the requested course relates to biomedical engineering.
  • The first year course BIOM1010 Is a recommended elective only. It is not compulsory.
  • The Masters project BIOM9914 is only available to high achieving students with written school approval prior to enrolment.
  • A list of biomedical engineering electives (BIOM9xxxx) can be found here.