Cherry Ho - BEng (Mech) / MBiomed Eng

What was the best thing about your course?

Practical experience with robotics programming, where what you write on the computer screen translates into movements in the real world.

What are you doing now and what are the highlights of your job?

I’m currently working as part of the research team in Bionic Vision Australia based in UNSW. The bionic eye project is very multidisciplinary, and I regularly communicate with a range of experts from different disciplines, including engineers, scientists and clinicians. I have also been given many opportunities to both develop skills that I have acquired over the years studying as well as learn new skills that could help advance the project.

Any amazing or fun incidents happen along the way?

Various late nights spent either at the laboratories at the university or at fellow course mates’ place to finish assignments, projects or to study for exams had been a lot of fun. They are definitely memorable experiences that not only helped with my academic results then, but also with the great friendships that I still have now.

Any tips for future students?

Find the subject or topic that genuinely interests you, find a few undergraduates or graduates, share what you enjoy with them, and have them explain to you what programs would fit your interests. In other words, the official description to courses does not always meet your expectations, and the best way to find out whether a program is suitable for you is to find people who are currently doing them.

What are your passions outside of biomed?

I enjoy listening to music, and watching films. I also enjoy spending time with my family.