Ivana Popovac, BE (Electrical) / Masters of Biomedical Engineering, 2010.

What is your current role?
Systems Engineer at Cochlear, predominantly working with the Externals Design and Development Department on all non-implantable parts of the Cochlear system.
What is your career highlight?
The continuous highlight of my job is that there are ample opportunities for close contact with our product end users: clinicians, recipients, carers and surgeons. For example, in preparation for a Recipient Insights Workshop a few colleagues and I ran for the department, I spent a day filming and interviewing a family in Wollongong about their experiences and interactions with their son's Cochlear Implant System. The resulting up close and personal video we produced showed a real-life family, and helped us to understand how people use our products - what makes their life easier, and what makes things more difficult - so we can work on making the experience seamless. Seeing the end-to-end application of Cochlear products really helps me too, as a Systems Engineer needs that high-level perspective.
How has your UNSW education helped you?
UNSW gave me my grounding in Biomedical Engineering, which was something I didn't know much about before my first open day visit. I was looking for something that played to my technical strengths but also had a human element to it, so this was a perfect match.

The courses offered felt very real-world and practical, and put me in contact with people and information that were relevant to my interests.
What are your interests outside of work?
Music is my other passion, and it feels amazing to be part of something that gives other people the gift and pleasure of sound.
What’s in your future?
Whatever I do in the future, hopefully it will still be helping to improve the quality of people's lives. And if the band ever gets off the ground, expect to see me at a music festival near you!

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